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Generator Installations

We specialize in generator installations, we handle all aspects of the project, electrical, plumbing, structural, and engineering. We are a small company located in South Florida, and we focus on customer service. We reconize how important comunication can be when dealing with such an a big investment project. We will love to have the opportunity to help you with any questions you might have, either requesting an free estimate or just information you may need. Either way we want to hear from you., just follow the link below. Thanks for the opportunity to serve you.

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Power outages were registered all over Miami-Dade and Broward County, and in many cases lasting up to two weeks. This year is your opportunity to protect yourself and your family in case of these kind of emergencies. A standby generator will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Providing reliable alternative power in case of a power failure. 

Also keep in mind that a storm or hurricane not always are the first cause to lose power. for example in many areas of the city outrages can be cause by just strong winds, falling trees or just and outdated power grid. These days we are more dependable on utility power, specially working from home,  (no power no internet ) a simple way to see it "technology depend on eletricity and we depend on technology" to run our daily lifes. To be ahead of the game you must consider having a generator sooner than later.


Budgeting and Cost

Budgeting your project is the most important aspect of a generator installation, your specific needs and priorities will directly affect your cost and budget. Working out a plan to find a balance between these two elements is key to a satisfactory investment. It is our job to help you to find the best option within your budget while ensuring your needs are covered. to be realistic this is not just any investment, it will be expensive and time consuming. This is why we offer 100% financing through "Synchrony Finance" with affordable rates and repayments plans.

My personal advice do your research, get familiar with prices and procedures before jumping into a decision. Also don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking for information. 


Pre-Installation Planning

We offer you a free courtesy visit to your  property to physically assess the project site. This will help you to ensure the proper location for the units to be installed, while remaining compliant with local building codes and regulations. Finding the right location can directly affect your budget.  Your city will be the best point of reference to gather information or to address any concern about the upcoming project. An investment like this can take time, so my advice is "don't get decide right before hurricane season'' always aim to be ready by the next season. This ensure that the project is done in a professional way and without rush. You will need the following city applications to be submitted; electrical, plumbing, structural, and sometimes mechanical, this last one most of time won't apply to residential installations. We can provide you with all necessary engineering drawings  and city application. 

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